Americana- FINAL SALE

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  • Americana

    An homage to Ol' Glory herself, you'll feel like a star in front of the stripes of our very own Americana fabric panel. Its tried and true pattern of red and white stripes has defined America just like a beat up old leather baseball glove, a hot slice of apple pie, and some well-worn Chuck Taylors. It doesn’t get any more classic than this eye-catching fabric panel. The bold red and white lines of this panel are simple and understated while still maintaining a character as faithful and true as the country they are named after.

    Product Specs:

    • Stripes are 8” wide (red), 5” wide (white)
    • Velvet design lays on top of base fabric for added texture
    • Comes with 4” hanging loops at top & bottom
    • Includes a sewn in tag to indicate which end is the top, but can be hung from bottom as well

    The Drop it MODERN difference

    We are frequently asked what makes our fabric panels different than others. This question is simply answered: you can feel the difference. With one touch you will realize the Drop it MODERN difference. Our fabric panels are created for the discerning customer looking for true quality. We have hand picked the most luxurious materials for all of our fabric panels and we know that with just one touch you'll be sold. Drop it MODERN fabric panels are the perfect marriage of sophisticated fabrics, textures, and durability. 

    Nine Feet Done Right. 

    Drop it MODERN fabric panels come in a variety of sizes perfect for any use from stylish set productions to drapes in the master bedroom. Drop it MODERN fabric panels are available in 4.5 foot and 9 foot widths.  We provide beautiful, affordable fabric panels without that pesky seam down the middle. Our unique patterns effortlessly flow across the entire width of our fabric panels and provide a seamless canvas thats sure to impress.